Caledon Village – Commercial-Residential Unit on Highway 10

Formerly “The Outback”

Women’s Clothing Boutique

High Traffic Location

Rear Parking for 7+ Cars

875 Sq. Ft. Commercial

450 Sq. Ft. Residential

Fabulous Opportunity

Town Beautification Ongoing

Needs T.L.C. & Upgrades


For Sale, Mary Klein, Highway 10, Caledon Village,

Located on busy Highway 10 in Caledon Village, just south of the intersection of Charleston & Highway 10, this commercial/residential property has been operating since 1987, as “The Outback,” a successful women’s clothing boutique.  The owners retired last year.

parking lot, lot 66 x 146.9 feet, high traffic area,

The lot size is 66 x 146.9 feet.  Approximately 875 square feet on the main floor has been the retail store area, with approximately 450 square feet upstairs zoned “residential,” but used only as storage during the operation of the store.  There is a 2-piece bathroom.

rear parking lot, residential/commercial unit for sale, Caledon Village

There is rear parking for at least seven cars.  Electrical was updated in 1986, and some windows have been replaced.

Caledon Heritage Designation, built in 1855

The Caledon Village downtown core is presently undergoing “beautification and rejuvenation” with several new businesses coming into the area; namely a new Petrocan Gas Station, and pending is a major coffee chain. Current zoning allows for a gift boutique with an accessory unit, but town currently reviewing recommendations for re-zoning in area.

“beautification and rejuvenation” project underway for Caledon Village

The building presently has a Heritage Designation, the “Johnson House,” which was built in 1855 as a carpenter’s residence and shop, and was the old Caledon telephone exchange. De-registration is being investigated.

some windows replaced, current zoning gift boutique w/ accessory unit

The building needs upgrading and T.L.C.  Present taxes are $4,294.81 for 2012.

some windows replaced

This is a tremendous opportunity in a re-developing area.

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